Our programme of Autumn works has started in earnest with further developments taking place on the Lavinia Walk.

This is an exciting and major new project not just for Cholmondeley, but is also of regional importance. Named the Lavinia Walk, this new feature is a fitting tribute in the heart of the garden to the late Dowager Marchioness, and provides a crucial link between the Temple Garden and the newly renovated Rose Garden.

The beds have been marked out all summer, whilst we have been conditioning the soil, and a few weeks ago we intsalled the turf edging, and planted the chinese crab apples (Malus hupehensis), that will form the backdrop to the borders.

And with the plant list finalised, we are now at the point of ordering the plant stock, ready for planting over the coming months. Join us on our social media channels, to watch this development and much more.

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