After one of the wettest and coldest winters for some years, spring has finally arrived at Cholmondeley. And what a spring it is going to be!

The garden is bursting with colour everywhere you look with our collections of Cherries, Rhododendrons, Camellias and Magnolias displaying a riot of colour across the garden. Added to this backdrop is a myriad of spring bulbs in all forms and colours, Hellbores, Primulas, wild Primrose and Cowslip. In the grass at the Folly garden the Snakeshead Fritillaries are nodding away in the breeze, whilst their much larger and pungent cousins are standing proud under the Great Hemlock in the Temple Garden.

But its not just the quantity of flowers to be enjoyed this year, its also the intensity of the colours. Partly due to the winter chill, partly due to the good light levels we are enjoying at the moment, the colours across the garden are the best they have been for many years.

The star of the garden this spring and not to be missed is the Daffodil Walk below the castle, where you will see millions of wild Narcissus pseudonarcissus producing the best diplay in many many years.

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