The Lavinia Walk, our new 100m long double borders, in just their first season are already looking superb. This exciting new feature of the gardens is dedicated to Lady Lavinia, who worked tirelessly for over 60 years to make the garden what it is today. And with some impressive structural elements still to be placed later in the year, it has certainly got visitors talking.

There is floral interest in these borders from spring through autumn, but they are at their best in summer. Great care has been taken to select plants which complement each other through both texture and colour.

Several varieties of Dahlia can be found alongside Crocosmia, Salvia, Persicaria, Helenium, Echinacea, Geranium, Phlox, and the banana like leaves of Canna, in a scheme of varying shades of pinks, reds, oranges with the odd splash of mauve and white. Our new rose supports have also started to be placed, which in the autumn will have climbing roses planted under them. And October will see us plant a few thousand Tulip bulbs throughout the borders for dislpay in spring.

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